Renew the spirit of our minds

Eph.4:23 reads: “and to be renewed in the spirit of your minds…”


Why do we need to renew our mind as well as the spirit and the atmosphere? Because of the verse where it says that it’s not possible to live without the renewal of the mind in order to be dressed in the new person who is like God-in true righteousness and holiness. The reason why we need to renew the spirit of our mind is so we can be fully dressed in the new person. As long as we think in our own way, we undress the new person and we put on the cloak of the old person who is of this world. As a result, righteousness and holiness cannot speak out. The only way for us to live in the wholeness of the new person and in the righteousness and holiness is to renew the spirit of our minds. To renew the spirit of the mind means to remove the things from the surrounding culture, theology and doctrines which will never create any results. When we renew the spirit of our mind, we put on our new person so that we may be as God is, according to the Greek translation. It does not say that we are similar to Him but that we are as He is, clothed in true righteousness and holiness. Who is righteous? Jesus is. Who is holy? God is. What does God say? Be holy as I Am holy. Be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect. The only way to enter into this perfection of God’s righteousness and holiness is to renew the spirit of our mind. Let’s remove all things which are from this atmosphere, so we may live in the freedom of the Spirit.