No More Condemnation

“Therefore, now there’s no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” – Romans 8:1

Each one of us has experienced so many different things in life such as excitement, nervousness, happiness, peace, beauty, good thoughts, bad thoughts. And all of these have put us in a position to either become indifferent or to have negative attitude toward ourselves or the others around us.

Indifference doesn’t belong to the Kingdom of God. None of the angels can stay or be indifferent before the Throne, in God’s presence. They either sing to Him or serve Him. Don’t expect quietness in heaven, not for a moment, because all the heavenly hosts worship Him in awe with a loud noise of powerful worship. It’s gloriously loud. Angels cannot stop worshiping.
The key to avoiding the trap of being indifferent is to rejoice. When we rejoice over the earthly things then the gratitude over the heavenly things we have not seen and yet we hope for will rise up in us. We’ll begin to experience the depth of understanding how blessed we are with the heavenly blessings, we’ll see them clearer and as we begin to discover them, they will begin to take shape and create in us the sense of the true reality-heaven! It will be tangible to us!
The more we experience this, the more we’ll change and be far off from being indifferent.
One thing I want to single out: God never ever speaks negative words about people. When He looks at us, He doesn’t see the negative pile we have gathered in our mind(He can see it making us struggle but He doesn’t use it to define us). He will never speak of us in that way. In His fatherly care for us, He will enlighten some wrong actions or attitudes in order to teach us to grow and get rid of them, but never speak to us as to bad people.
For Jesus there’s no obstacle because He finished the work on the cross and through His divine exchange gave us His righteousness, holiness, sober mind(His mind), clear conscience.
Therefore, Christ in us, Him around us is the true state of our persona. And He is what is being seen in us from the heavenly perspective.
All glory to the Only true and wise King!