The State Of Righteousness

“Jesus was delivered up for our trespasses and raised for our justification.” -Romans 4:25

In each believer of the Lord Jesus Christ there’s a beauty that cannot be found anywhere else in the world and there’s no human being who could grant this beauty. And that is the beauty of heaven in us. This beauty constantly attracts heaven and angels around us. Now, the question is why? Is it because of our certain nationality-perhaps the Lord is biased?! Or is it because we prayed longer and more fervently?!

Certainly not! It’s because of something else inside of us. The moment we got saved and believed in Jesus’ work on the cross for us, right there and then came a state to reside within us; a state which we couldn’t have obtained on our own with our own efforts. We got this as a gift from Jesus and that is the state of righteousness we have now..

We’ve all been taught that Jesus came to die for our sins. Whilst this being true, still is a partial truth. And I know many Christians who unfortunately are stuck so to speak, with just this partial truth. Yet, there’s another part of this truth and if we omit to add it or equally speak about it, then it looses its ground and power to set people free from the burdens they carry due to their opinion of themselves or the opinion of others.

What is the other part of this truth?! It’s written in the second part of the verse above.
So, Jesus was delivered up for our sins-yes, that is the absolute truth. But we need to go further and help people see and understand that Jesus did something far beyond than just dying for our sins. He rose from the dead for our justification!
Actually this is the whole purpose why Jesus came on earth in the first place. He wanted to make us saints. He had in mind our justification, making us righteous by freely inheriting His righteousness as our legitimate right after we believed in Him.

Now, having this in mind, we experience totally different dimension when we quote or sing about righteousness being the foundation of His throne.
We become aware now of the standard of the Kingdom of God and that is righteousness! And this very same foundation of His throne is our foundation for victorious life here on earth, because indeed Jesus Christ rose for our justification, so we can have the right standing before Him, having Jesus’ righteous nature in us, our eternal state!