The Gospel Of Grace

“He will have compassion on us, He will tread our iniquities underfoot, You, O, Lord will cast our sins into the depths of the sea.” -Micah 7:19

Someone interpreted this verse using the expression ‘the sea of forgetfulness’. So, here it is-the concept of grace even in the OT.
When the Lord forgave (on the cross) He chose never to bring up the sin again or punish…never ever!

Yet, so many Christians have been deceived either by their own misconception or by the lying spirits that bring deception. These lying spirits aren’t whispering something that is brutally wrong so that it can be immediately recognized. No, on contrary. What they whisper is so close to the absolute truth that is undetectable and considered as an absolute truth.

Clearly, those believers after awhile become enemies of the truth, enemies of other fellow believers, enemies of the sound teaching.
And in that state of mind people develop different motives which fuel different desires. Although believers they can still develop desires which aren’t inspired by the Spirit of God, and that is the desire to constantly search through the labyrinth of the mind and dig the secrets of the soul which have been buried with the old nature the moment they got saved.

But the absolute truth is that God has thrown those secrets into the sea of forgetfulness. And He won’t mention them ever again.

It is the lying spirit which brings them in remembrance, ensnaring people into condemnation or self condemnation. This is the central reason why people have huge problem with the concept of God’s grace. Trampled by the religious spirit through self-righteousness, without being aware they become the premier enemy of the Gospel, which actually is the Gospel of grace.

Grace tears down walls, traditions that are masked behind zeal and responsibility…and ‘rocks’ everyone’s belief system to the very core.

Jesus came full of grace and truth. What is the truth? He is ever living full expression of grace, living in us, walking with us, speaking the truth of God the Father at any given moment=His grace is with us.