You Are Special

“I praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are Your works, my soul knows it well.” -Psalm 139:14

We live in a world where the pressure to be conformed is so great.
While promoting some mainstream philosophies of embracing one’s uniqueness, still people are so afraid of sticking out. Especially among younger generation. Like never before there’s this powerful wave of dressing up the same, listening to the same commercial hits, even talking the same and using the same phrases to express themselves.

Sadly this happens in the churches as well. Being aware or not in our immaturity in the process of learning and changing, we have the tendency to try to copy some other fellow believers-especially those that we look up to. Whether in how we behave, preach, teach or lead worship.

But what we lack to discern is that in doing so we grieve the Holy Spirit. Many believers think that verse refers only when a mistake is done or sin committed. Not so! It goes deeper, because it affects something greater than we can imagine.
We grieve the Holy Spirit because He came to dwell in us so that He can manifest God’s perfection in creating our personality; and the depth of His grace in His creativity.

We ought not to be led by the world’s temporary things which have their expiry date.
We are spiritual beings which possess a soul. The other religions (bear in mind that Christianity IS NOT a religion) teach differently-that there’s a flesh which possesses a spirit. Absolutely incorrect although it sounds reasonable.

When we come to God, we come through our spirit. God cannot be comprehended with the mind. He is to be known only through our spirit which has been renewed and joined with the Holy Spirit.

Our spirit and soul can have the unity only through the leadership of the spirit. It’s the spirit which first worships God and the soul follows.

David tackled this powerful revelation and wrote: “Praise the Lord, o my soul!”
The soul (encompassing the intellect, the free will, the emotions and feelings) embarks the process of aligning or learning to align and follow the spirit. This is the only way to a fulfilling life, not the other way around.
Our spirit worships the Lord constantly at all times and teaches the soul to worship and trust above all.