Experiencing the Abundant Life

“I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” -John 10:10

If life is actually God’s life of quality-the way God has His existence then let’s ponder for awhile what is Jesus actually proclaiming here. What is the abundance of God’s life?! For sure it’s not just the moment we go to be with Him in heaven. It must be more than that here and now.
Let me go back a little and lay a base for this.

The Holy Spirit enjoys the moment we become aware of our desires in our heart, for He is willing to fulfill them-He has placed them for a reason. Why? Because His purposes are fulfilled when we have our desires fulfilled. Each person on the planet has been created with desires and they will die out only when one looses hope. In that case the person remains only at the level of providing and satisfying the needs.

Hope is the impetus and if absent the person looses sight, direction, willingness to listen and sense for action. It continues into a state of oblivion where the care or any interest for others around us diminishes.
So, when Jesus spoke of life in abundance, He introduced another, deeper perspective for that matter. Living abundant life actually is a life where we respond to the things around us..especially to people whom we ought to consider precious as the Father does. When we begin to respond to small things and big things…noticing colors, events, laughter, sadness, someone’s condition..whatever it is connected with others around us, then we’ll have a life in abundance, life of reactionary responses thus we’ll begin to experience testimonies one after another. Then and only then faith becomes reality. Let’s guard it with all we are!

Let’s allow the Holy Spirit to speak to us and reveal things from His heart every day. And let us show Him our willingness to share our hearts with Him, for God is not ashamed of our thought life even when we go through a process of change and renewal. In this very process actually we learn how to align our will with His, our thoughts with His because now there’s an open door-we have the mind of Christ!

What a tremendous thought! Experiencing God’s amazing work of grace in our mind for His glory not in our own efforts, but through His grace.