Grace and Wisdom

“Therefore, preparing your minds for action and being sober-minded, set your hope fully on the grace…” -1 Peter 1:13

So, you got saved!
You became a part of God’s Kingdom and part of the Church accordingly.

The Church is the only place where we are and have the right to be protected. Thus, every attempt to step out from the church and its sphere of dominion it has-the position, the intention, the task it has given by the Holy Spirit, means putting ourselves in position of not being protected.
I am not saying we’ll lose the salvation-certainly not. We still have the Holy Spirit in us, we are God’s sons, but we are out of protection which He provides for us through the Church because we weren’t wise in our actions.

The Church is the administrator of God’s grace and has been authorized to extend not to those outside of itself. The Church menages grace and extends it to those inside. Therefore, every declination from it brings consequences through which the emotional system of the believer is violated.

This is very deep and powerful if we get it right. Of course each one of us has the authority to tread over snakes and scorpions, to lay hands on the sick and them to be healed, to cast out demons…this is our position once we got born again. No doubt about it, but outside the church, this authority won’t help us much for God didn’t intend it that way.
For example, when we are to act and execute authority in the city where we are, and we know what is our position in that city, every attempt to go to another city and try to have the same authority and influence, will result in failure. Why?! Because people although recognizing our function, will oppose us because we don’t have a jurisdiction there. So we’ll be left unprotected.
The same principle applies in the spiritual realm.

Grace brings wisdom, wisdom builds maturity, maturity leads to stability, stability creates virtue, virtue leads to perfection, perfection enforces diligence.
Great work of the Holy Spirit in the Church!