“Now, faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” -Hebrews 11:1

So many times we put all of the energy and focus on hearing the voice of God. And don’t misunderstand me, of course is valid to hear His voice and we should have that in our lives…but what I am encouraging you is to start focusing on the ability of the spiritual eyes as well.

Many songs in the churches worldwide are including in their chorus certain declaration and that is: ‘open the eyes of my heart Lord’. While it sounds so spiritual yet is not entirely least not for the believers.
The moment we got saved our eyes got opened. Those who have read so far most probably are thinking of the verse in Ephesians 1:18 “…having the eyes of your heart enlightened…’ I challenge you to read it again! Have you noticed that it says ‘enlightened’ ?

There’s a difference between eyes being opened-indicating they were shut before and eyes being enlightened-indicating they were open before but now they are trained to see differently or to go further with the vision. Now they can see practically, confirming that faith is really practical and teaches us to see things. Faith is not and never was blind as some say. On contrary faith opens a way for us to truly see things God prepared for us. Those who do claim that faith is blind actually lack enlightenment of their eyes.

Merely reading the Bible won’t give us the understanding about it, we must allow the Holy Spirit to enlighten our eyes so we can see what we couldn’t see before. Through Him we can clearly see all the things that are in the spiritual realm, because He desires to reveal the secrets of His Word.

Let’s not bind the Word and deprive it from the life of the Holy Spirit. He will always enlighten our eyes to see things that are about to manifest-so we can claim them and proclaim them.
In doing so He will protect us from developing a dangerous attitude of criticizing or even worse-rejecting what is not familiar to us or what we don’t understand.
Thank You Holy Spirit for truly enlightening the secrets of the Word and the Kingdom.