Correction is a Blessing

“But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ…” -2 Peter 3:18

This one verse opens so many ways to begin to understand the multifaceted God, His beyond-understanding wisdom.
Now the journey of this growth is also manifold and it includes various processes that will occur (of course if we allow or agree with the Holy Spirit).

Many believers might exclaim: “How is that possible, not to allow the Holy Spirit to speak into our lives?! It is outrageous!”
Yet it is possible-unfortunately. All of us as Christians fail to accept God speaking to us when we receive correction.
There are two reasons why people do not handle it well:
~ They have been hurt by severe criticism that was totally way out of line and it was given out of spite. (And now everything sounds harsh and unfair)
~Deep down inside, no one, I mean no one wants to be corrected.

And this is where the Holy Spirit will intervene and work in the heart-this is one of the areas in one’s life where growth happens.
We should accept this: The correction from the Holy Spirit is a reward! Even when it comes from others. No matter what the manner it came through (whether unnecessarily harsh or with no consideration from the other side) we should not overlook it. Especially if it speaks to an area of our soul that deep down inside we KNOW there’s an issue, we really need to accept the correction because through it God is changing us so we won’t get in trouble, or taking us out of already existing trouble we are in.

He’ll do anything to keep you safe therefore from now on know this: correction is a blessing.