Taste and See That the Lord is Good!

“Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the men who take refuge in Him!” -Psalm 34:8

Over the years I have heard it numerous times when fellow believers say that they cannot hear the Lord or that (for some reason) He doesn’t speak to them. Let’s clear the air out: It would never happen! Our Lord is the Word which became flesh. He speaks ..always! He spoke in the past, He speaks today…and He will speak in the future. The Bible teaches us that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever!

So, our focus shouldn’t be whether the Lord speaks to us … but rather to pay attention to the thoughts in our mind or when we read the Word whether a particular verse “jumps” before our eyes. Because that is one of the ways how God speaks to us.
What the Holy Spirit wants to teach us is that each believer can have a personal experience with the Lord every day. Yes for the solid and sound doctrine as a foundation, but theology is more than just mere doctrinal truths. It includes our personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Theology ought to point us to Him as a person.

In the verse written above we find a very unusual order of things – contrary to what our mind is used to. It says first ‘taste’..and then ‘see’. The Holy Spirit is challenging us to gain first-hand experience with the Lord by tasting His goodness. And how we can obtain that? By listening to His voice. Recognizing God and God’s leadership on a daily basis ought to be our paramount and our utmost goal. Tasting is all about hearing His voice, experiencing His encouragement, receiving His gifts and instructions…experiencing His presence, knowing Him, and what is on His heart.

Once we taste Him…no one, no one can take the ”seeing” away from us. We won’t stumble on the things from before..We’ll boldly pray, boldly proclaim and share the Gospel…we’ll be courageous because truly we have tasted and we have seen that God is good.