Righteous by Faith

“[Christ] Who was delivered up for our trespasses and raised for our justification … therefore since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ…” -Romans 4:25 and 5:1

Over the years I have realized that it doesn’t matter whether one teaching is a short writing still it can bring the reality of heaven and change not just one’s perspective but the whole life. It happened to me when reading and pondering on just one verse from the Word.
Romans 4:25 changed my life completely. It was the Holy Spirit Who initiated this ‘avalanche’ of revelations about who we are and how we are in Christ since we believed.

We are righteous, clothed with Christ’s own righteousness. And many believers have difficulty believing they are as Christ is in heaven – righteous! It is one thing to behold Him with awe, adoration, reverent fear and glorify His holy name, but totally different ‘game’ if we think we might offend His holiness and majestic character and work on the cross if we think we are righteous just as He is..or that we truly are His righteousness!

Even in the OT when the Law was the tutor and made no complete atonement for sin, God spoke of His righteousness and that His people who will become righteous shall live by faith! And Christ came and finished the work on the cross and it became so. What then?! Shall we erase certain verses because they don’t match our understanding or our ‘doctrine’ that we cannot reach God’s standards?! Without Christ, of course we haven’t reached anything nor we’ll ever. But in Him, we live through His finished work – He fulfilled the requirements of the Law. So, I want to encourage you – you’re not being arrogant thinking you are righteous! On contrary you agree with the Holy Spirit, because that’s how He desires you to see yourself-not based on what you haven’t done and ought to do, or you have done but shouldn’t have..no, no, no! Take it to your heart the truth from Romans 4:25… your righteousness was the reason for Christ’s resurrection! And His resurrection is an unshakable proof you are righteous.

Side note: I am sure you know the fact that the Bible originally doesn’t have chapters and verses and it is a wonderful thing how God doesn’t separate things as we do…and pay attention how the narrative continues from Romans 4:25 to Romans 5…

Because we are justified now we can have peace…no more doubts whether we disappoint God (He cannot be disappointed ever)…this peace cannot be removed nor tainted.
So, beloved child of God … take courage and rest in God. You are forever righteous!