Keep Your Heart

“Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life.” -Proverbs 4:23

Indeed the struggle and the responsibility we have every day and throughout our life is to be careful what impacts and enters our heart.

God desires to involve our heart into His plans for us. He never intended to exclude the heart and deal or work only through our spirit. We are whole and become whole when our entire being follows after God.

Our hearts can also be so easily filled with other stuff which can be distracting or worst-case scenario harmful to the very extreme.

We often pray or sing to the Lord: “I give You glory…” and there’s nothing wrong with this phrase, but we need to know what it implies. In order to give God the glory, we must first receive it so we can offer it back. This is very deep and it affects every area of our life and deals with the very core of the things in our heart, or our identity of being righteous and how we understand it.

God is glorified when we grow in His wisdom and the principalities of darkness don’t like that at all. They pretty much aim at that process and oppose the moment each time the wisdom of God is preached. They will try to bring confusion by pressing us to doubt whether we heard it right.

Let’s not be afraid of this and stick to what we have heard and perceived to be God’s wisdom leading us. Holding on to what was confirmed by the Holy Spirit through our spirit will scatter the confusion away. And this is our responsibility.
We don’t have to be afraid that we might lose the salvation, or the gifts, or the calling, the anointing or the righteousness. No! They are irrevocable. Yet our responsibility is to guard and protect what has been entrusted to us because it can be ‘stolen’ as in buried under the pile of insecurity and numerous fears simply because we let our guard down.

Growing in wisdom is crucial. It leads to stability a.k.a perfection.