There is no higher and more powerful name in this world than the name of Jesus. When we pray we use the name of Jesus, when we ask things we use the name of Jesus, when we command we use the name of Jesus, so obviously we are familiar with that name. Of course in other cultures and different languages this name might change slightly in its form and pronunciations, yet the power remains and it’s unchangeable. Why so? Cause in the name of Jesus there are riches and mysteries which we are slowly discovering, and as we do uncover them, this name of Jesus becomes even stronger and stronger. Now, like I said before the name of Jesus is already established as the most powerful name in heaven, under heaven and on the earth, so how come that we don’t grasp that immediately and we don’t function with its full capacity. The reason is this: we don’t have a clear understanding of grace as we should, and we don’t accept the truth in our lives as we should.

I believe that John 1:14 describes what is the glory that John and the others sow upon Jesus; the glory that was the fullness of grace and truth in Jesus. So now, every time you speak the name of Jesus, two substances are released from within that name: grace and truth. Grace enables the activity of the Holy Spirit in a person or situation and the truth liberates or sets free the bound person or situation. The result of that process we call it freedom, in the spirit world is called glory, and is prepared as a crown over a person or the situation; and then we are amazed, and we say Glory to God!!

So next time you use the name of Jesus be aware, grace and truth are released and the name of Jesus is higher name than any other name and there is no more powerful name than the name Jesus.