Burnout, it’s a phrase we have heard but unfortunately it’s a reality for so many. I truly feel sorry for all who have come under that reality of suffering, but I have to say that I cannot and don’t believe in burnout. My words may sound harsh, but we have to be clear with what Jesus said and promised. First I want to emphasize that moment when Jesus tells one of the most comforting sentences: “Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

Jesus is addressing all those godly people who have been really looking for the Kingdom of God and some kind of salvation, yet they were burdened with all the regulations of the law, and upon all that all the additional requirements by the Pharisees. So these people were tired or better to say spiritually exhausted people. In this picture Jesus says in verse 29… “you will find rest for your soul”, and verse 30: “ For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”

They have not yet had the experience of being born again, filled with the precious Holy Spirit, received the love of God, neither got measures of faith and grace, yet Jesus promised them they could find rest. So now for all who have received Jesus in their lives and have got all those previously mentioned benefits, to say that it’s Jesus who makes them or even sets them for a burnout is hardly believable thing for me.

I don’t think that many would even utter it in this manner, but still they will blame the church, the gatherings or the ministry for this outcome defined as burnout. Don’t get me wrong I sympathize with them and their precious lives and only Jesus knows the pain, but I want to suggest a better way for all of us. That path is grace. It’s very clear that working in ministry involves efforts, emotions, feelings but also the word of God says grace will teach us to live godly and sensibly in this world (Titus 2:11), also Peter is giving us a recipe never to stumble (2Peter 1:10). So let us not think of ourselves more of what we are (Romans12:3) and be humble to follow only the Holy Spirit and not go under the pressure of performance and tradition of men.

Just because burnout is a reality for you it doesn’t have to be the truth for you, because truth is able to defeat even realities of our lives. Once you get to know the truth, it does set you free from human efforts and fills you with another measure of grace and faith to serve His church and His purposes.

Zoran Spasovski