God is generous!

When we begin to comprehend this(since we decided to submit our lives to Him and delight ourselves in Him) we’ll come to a point where because we understand His finished work for us and His perfect purposes for our lives; we’ll begin to tap into His richness for one purpose only: so we can become so generous, causing gratitude in people around us (2 Corinthians 9:10-11).

Those around us will see that the blessings in our lives aren’t our doing or merit, but they will testify it’s God’s work in us; so their gratitude will go straight to Him. God and only God is worthy of praise and thankfulness for His goodness and generosity. Titus 3:5,6. This is our God, generous in all of His ways and acts. Because He is eternally in a state of constant, bountiful blessing, He is well able and keen on pouring out the blessings over us.

Out of His abundance we have received , so we are or ought to be the expression of His generous nature. It’s not about the money, but rather the generosity of our hearts. When we recognize we have love, grace in abundance in our hearts, we will speak love and grace, we will begin to act out of love and grace in a very generous way, just as our God does, because now we reflect His character.

And those around us will have the opportunity to behold something out of their setting, something divine, and they will turn to God in gratitude.