The capacity of the prosperity in our lives will be equivalent to the generosity of the love we have.

The prosperity has its own productiveness and the latter has the power to boost up our prosperity. Money is not the pinnacle here. To prosper means to have our soul (our emotions, feelings, desires, intentions, ideas and motives) in subordination and accordance to the Holy Spirit. This is the actual state of lacking nothing. And as our soul prospers in the joy, it establishes itself in praise and thanksgiving where the thought process has been influenced and changed and we begin to understand that regardless of the outer circumstances God is good and He will make a way.

So, first our soul prospers in gratitude, because without it, there is no peace of God in our hearts. The joy must be kept stirred in the unity of the faith. If not, we might come to a point of living our christian life in our own strength, building a kingdom that’s not God’s, where there is a constant leak.

God’s plans and intentions aren’t hidden. They’ve been revealed on the cross. And His strength doesn’t come because of our need or because we think He needs to act according to our needs. Really not so! We move closer to Him according to our faith. We are the ones going deeper in the understanding of the cross and the power of His resurrection. Jesus said: “It’s finished!” So the strength is in the completely finished work.

The ability to understand this brings the possibility of life in abundance, life of prosperity.