Do you know that there are things created in eternity waiting for the appropriate days to fulfill themselves?

The eternity is above the time conditions or the time itself. Time, on the other hand has the sense of eternity but has no ability to express it or act accordingly. Why is that? Well, time was created for this earth to serve its purposes but when Jesus comes, time will be consumed and become coherent with the eternity. And then there will be no time only eternity.
That’s why we ought to be encouraged and not limited only to the time here on earth. Time can be altered, it can be prolonged, shortened or stopped, you know the story in the Bible when a person prayed and the time stood still.

I am aware of the false scientific theses that time is eternal. Let’s not be deceived. Time is never eternal, it is a creation, alive being, created by God to serve us. It is written in the Bible that when the time was appropriate God, the Father sent His Son from eternity(Galatians 4:4). Jesus Christ came, entered the structure, the condition, the space called time and within He showed us the place where He came from, the eternity, so we can break the boundaries of our thinking in this time frame and fix our eyes on Him Who holds the eternity.