Fix your eyes on Jesus

Hebrews 12:2 Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith…


I am amazed with God’s goodness, in awe of His love and so impressed by His glory because He comes with glory. When Jesus comes, He won’t come secretly, but He will be revealed for Who He is to the world. Everyone will see Him and tremble.

When we think on these verses we imagine them as some kind of a movie where things aren’t so dramatic and perhaps our imagination cannot capture the complete picture; but when we ponder and see these verses through the eyes of our spirit, then we face with totally different reality, because we can see so many unseen things with the eyes of our spirit. So, if we ought to fix our eyes on something, let us fix them on the spiritual things, for they offer us the option to see what’s within the spirit realm.

For John the apostle it was easy to imagine Jesus, because he was walking closely with Him, laying back against Jesus’ chest and feel His pulse, the rhythm of His heart, the skin and the scent of the sweat. Yet, this physical experience was an obstacle for John to be able to really see Jesus for Who He was-the One risen in the Spirit, Who came to reveal Himself in the Spirit.