Freedom in the Spirit

2 Corinthians 3:17 Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.


I don’t mean to make you feel dreadful-certainly not! But when Jesus comes in all of His glory, everyone will tremble and the chains-each and every one will be broken; and both from the believers and non-believers. The first chain that will fall off is the atmosphere of the earth. Right now what seems to be preventing us acting according the spirit  is the atmosphere around us, the laws of physics. They will vanish.Then we’ll be like superman, for the first time we’ll understand what is freedom, freedom of the spirit. Now, the spirit in us isn’t experiencing the freedom in wholeness, because we are depending on tools, instruments, physical acts; therefore the spirit in us is longing to display the things within because right now we are the managers of the body, we don’t fully allow the spirit to manifest all of the heavenly things  that are already poured out. And we might say:no, that’s not for me.

So the first chain falling off is the atmosphere of this earth when we’ll truly taste the freedom in which Jesus has called us to stand in. The other thing that we’ll  be free from, are all the lies we were entangled with before. I love solid doctrine and sound theology, but we should be aware that these two are sciences about the past, revelation is the science for the future. The doctrines and theologies we have are about the past, they are based on the experiences and things already seen from someone else that tasted them. I am not saying that they aren’t beneficial, they just paved the way for us to where the Holy Spirit is leading  us now saying: my son, my daughter, I have revelations for you that you need to allow them to  work in your life, because they will reveal things from the future.