Atmosphere of the mind

Eph.4:23 reads: “and to be renewed in the spirit of your minds…”

This means that actually there is an atmosphere surrounding us, an atmosphere created by our thoughts. We think that the thoughts are within our minds, but they aren’t. We think we can hide them, yet they are visible to the spirit eye because they rotate around us. Nothing is hidden from the Spirit of God! That’s why someone with a prophetic gift is able to detect the atmosphere of the mind, even at first glance or touch. Just to clarify:there is no actual spirit of the mind, unless we are talking about a non believing person ruled by the possessed mind.   

Things are clearer through the eyes of our spirit. What we see in the physical world is just a fading copy. Why am I explaining this? Because according to the verse above, in order to renew ourselves in the spirit of our mind, we ought to put aside the things from our culture, from this worldly system, so we can comprehend more. Otherwise we will miss out on the things prepared from the Holy Spirit, things that can be seen only through the renewed mind. I’ve witnessed this so many times, encountering christian believers who have such an honest desire to serve the Lord, yet because of their not renewed mind, something is lacking. They settle with small things. 

 You see, the renewed mind helps us to understand that what we believe must be bigger than ourselves.