Understanding The Word

It’s crucial to learn to perceive through the eyes of the spirit! All of us desire to be spiritual people, and yet the spirituality it’s not shown only in the spirit. It also can be displayed through deeds. You remember the words in the epistle of James where he wrote that without deeds our faith is dead. We ought to allow faith to lead us in life. Yes we can boast with the knowledge about grace, how deeply we have grown in it and comprehended, but that’s not all to it! It’s about having the revelation how rich we are in the spirit, because we have been rewarded with the Word about righteousness. We walk around thinking we are so, so poor, but the truth is we are immensely rich!¬†

Once we get this understanding we will allow the precious word to manifest itself through our spirit. And you know what will be the manifestation of this word?! Holiness! This desired holiness is within the revelation and understanding the given righteousness. When we begin living as righteous people(because we are!) then holiness will manifest itself. It’s all about acting upon what we’ve been given, otherwise we would become spiritual-knowing all-people who don’t understand a thing.

The path of the manifestation of righteousness in us is the understanding. It’s the initial phase. The first step is our faith.The moment we have understood grace and righteousness we need to activate them through our faith lest we become arrogant and haughty, for according to the Spirit-inspired word in James, deeds are inevitable fruit of righteousness.