More than conquerors

Romans 8:37 reads: “We are more than conquerors through Him Who loved us.” In our Macedonian bible is written: “We preponderantly conquer through Him Who loved us.” The words used here in the original Greek text are “hyper nikos” and are used only once in the whole Bible, only here in this verse. And what is fascinating is that these words are used to describe us, our position in which we stand. They are not used to describe Jesus’ victory on the cross, His resurrection and His finished work once and for all; but is used for us. And actually if you read the whole passage, from the beginning of the chapter, it is a overwhelming description of how God looks upon us, where has the Holy Spirit placed us. Once I asked God how come that these particular words are used here. And the answer was beyond my imagination. The Holy Spirit quickened me and said: “There is no doubt that Christ won, and He doesn’t need the revelation that truly He is the One and Only Conqueror; but for yourselves, you do need to know that you are more than a conqueror, to overcome all of your doubts as you face the world. That is why I used these words to describe you, so you can be in the absolute truth that nothing can separate you from My love and because of that you do overcome.”
Knowing this powerful words, can we allow the “luxury” of dreading and not surrendering ourselves wholly to the Holy Spirit Who can lead us perfectly and make us whole. Let us know Him! Because He speaks from the depths of the Father’s heart.