Jesus – The Author of faith

“…looking to Jesus, the Founder and the Perfecter of the faith, Who for the joy that was set before Him, endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God.”
Hebrews 12:2
Many translations have put the word “our” next to the word “faith”. But I want to emphasize something that many aren’t aware. The original text reads only “faith” without the possessive pronoun; now, that throws the light on the truth that it’s not our faith or better said it’s not something we have manufactured after we believed in Jesus Christ, but rather that it’s solely His faith that He Himself originated in us. That is why He is described as the “Author”. We couldn’t have our own faith! It is Jesus’! You know that whatever God gives us, it possesses God’s life and is eternal?! Therefore, the faith in us it’s not human but it’s eternal God’s faith that transcends time and space. It brings the heavenly fruit that remains forever. It’s so much alive, that whenever activated, it produces life. That’s why the righteous who live by faith now just as those from the Old Testament are written in the eternal book of life. Just think a little bit about this!
Jesus’ faith removes the pressure of the law and performance and gives us the opportunity to enter God’s rest and truly live.