Kingdom abundance

The very idea of GRACE is so great and does powerful work for those who apply it in their lives.
If we are blessed, then truly we are blessed, there’s no area of our lives that has not been covered by the blessings of our Lord. God the Father has called us into a life in which we will reign by His grace. That is why we mustn’t agree with the theology that says we are partially blessed, the rest we need to make efforts for getting the blessed state. Love, grace and faith are very practical. This was the very reason why Jesus came in the first place-to demonstrate them practically and encourage us that they can be so visible in our lives, and in that way bringing glory to the Father.
The abundance is the state in which God our Father dwells, and the Heaven that He created for Himself now is in the same state=abundance. And His Kingdom that knows no end is an abundant kingdom with no lack! And Jesus while He was on this earth, encouraged us that the Kingdom of God is in us.
In the light of this truth, now we can clearly see that God wants us to get understanding for the things that have been poured out in us and given to us to possess them, so we can reign in life.