Generosity sets us free

It is written in the scripture that the perfect love sets us free from the bondage of fear. Fully convinced I say that generosity does that as well. If a person decides to live generously, he or she will not live in fear. When we learn how to live generously, surrendering and giving first to God, then what we are left with is the grace and the trust that we build with God. Faith comes as a free gift from God, as it is written: “Jesus is the Author and the Finisher of His faith in us.” Hebrews 12:2
Many translations have used the word “our”, but it is not in the original text. It is His faith, not ours, therefore it’s a gift. But the trust is being built as we fellowship with Jesus Christ. Within that close fellowship, the generosity of God brings us in a position of complete and unconditional reliance on God, and that sets us free. Then we are no longer bound to fear, because we know He will supply all our needs according to His riches in glory. What happened actually is that we emptied ourselves from all of our own precepts, thoughts and presumptions; and opened ourselves up to Him and His purposes and intentions, His love. This will overflow from us. What we see today in the world is that people take for themselves more than they need, because they think they will face want and lack the next day. And they are afraid because they think God doesn’t love them, so they don’t dare to love Him, because they have not built trust in Him. And they don’t trust Him because they don’t fully know Him the way He is-absolutely good! We weren’t created to live in fear, but in freedom and love. The freedom is expressed in loving, and through that love, His generosity will be expressed.