Grace brings you to a point of understanding that you will never be able to do what Jesus has done for you, in your own strength.
Jesus Christ came full of grace and truth. Fullness is a state of NOTHING lacking. It’s an absolute state, a condition of perfection. Jesus came with this fullness and abundance, and everything what He does it’s in an absolute way, withholding nothing. This is the unconditional generosity of His love, grace, compassion, goodness, righteousness, holiness. This is God that we serve, everything is given to us by His grace. When God blesses, He doesn’t do it partially, if you are blessed by Him, then you are blessed completely.
And the only way for this grace to come, was the cross. God found a way to save us! It was done by grace ( Ephesians 2:5-6 ) so that now we can freely receive everything what He has for us; to tap into the impulses of His life, so we can give life to others who listen.
Being saved by grace through faith, gives no option for living our life in our own strength. It’s impossible. If you tell me that God has answered your prayers just because you prayed and prayed and read your Bible; then it’s not by grace. If you tell me that God moved and changed the circumstances solely because of you fasting; then God will say: it was you, not Me!
You ought to read, pray, fast; but out of the pure motive of the heart, out of the love in you… lest you offend the Spirit of grace.