Change from the inside out

Grace opens the door for wisdom, wisdom brings maturity, maturity leads to stability, stability invites virtue, virtue brings perfection and perfection makes you diligent. We need grace to lead us into wisdom that God has promised and continue in maturity.
If you want to live long and abundant life-get wisdom! If you want to be surrounded with grace-get wisdom! As I mentioned above, the grace of God begets a process in our lives that leads to stability. There must be a stability in our lives, it’s the ultimate result of perfection. Grace enables wisdom to make good decisions!
“And there shall be stability in your times, an abundance of salvation wisdom and knowledge; the reverent fear and worship of the Lord is the key to this treasure .” Isaiah 33:6 .
This verse supports my point. Once the Holy Spirit gave me a nudge with His words: a person can be changed from within only by grace; you cannot force someone to change without grace, because only grace gives the strength and the power and only then change occurs. So, the only thing that remains for me is to continue to speak about grace so it may benefit those who hear it. Because the one who grows in grace and wisdom and ultimately to stability, is the one who will live a life worthy of the calling of the Lord Jesus Christ and live a life destined for greatness in Him.