Holy Spirit

Faith is required to hear the Holy Spirit, but we need love in order to know Him.
All of us without exception, desire to be loved and to feel loved. In the light of that, I want to challenge ourselves with the following: why don’t we focus in loving the Holy Spirit? Why not telling Him that we love Him?

And this won’t be an attempt to impress Him, just an expression of our love for Him, saying: `Holy Spirit, I love you, I just want to say this, nothing else matters, I just want to love You!’

When we begin to do this, He will teach us how to love Jesus Christ, or better said, He will lead us into the Truth that sets us free. Sometimes I wonder if we truly are aware of the privilege we’ve been given-to love God! Even the Bible puts an emphasis on this: “Love your God with all of your heart, all of your mind and all of your strength…”

We ought to say: “I love You Holy Spirit!” Simple as that. He is worthy of our love-not that He needs it, but He is worthy of us saying it. It will bring us freedom and will release us. I no longer require of God to prove His love to me or tell me that He loves me. Why? Well, He finished everything on the cross for me. Now, I seek and implore other things from the Holy Spirit, simply because I know and I am convinced that I am loved perfectly. Therefore I can boldly come before the Throne and ask and expect great things beyond my imagination, because the cross already proved everything for me!