The Gospel of grace

Grace is the ultimate expression of God’s goodness. This is one thing that we cannot fathom completely-God’s goodness. God is absolutely good even when we aren’t and that is grace. Many times we observe someone and make a judgment, waiting for God to execute punishment over the person; but instead we witness more and more blessings bestowed over him or her. You know what? The punishment will never happen; and God will prompt us to see what really happened to Jesus on the cross-He took the punishment once and for all; God, the Father, was pleased with the sacrifice and now out of His heart grace flows…continually…and we will never deserve it! It’s free and it only comes from God.

In many Bible translations the word “grace” is mistaken with the word “mercy” yet they bring different reality of the work of God in our lives.

On the cross Jesus offered His mercy for us-we didn’t get what we truly deserved…and all of us, with no exception sinned and fell short of God’s glory and deserved death. Jesus took the punishment. After we got saved, Jesus gave us His grace that pertains to life and godliness. So, now grace is to receive what we DON’T deserve! This is why the only, true Gospel of grace is misunderstood or not understood at all. Grace provided new clothing for us, and it’s not ours (by our acts or deeds) but given by the Holy Spirit because of the righteousness of Christ Himself.