We have all heard others saying: “Come, Holy Spirit!” Actually, He cannot come-He is already in us, among us. What we refer to is basically manifestation of the very thing that we seek, believe and expect to witness. Speak about healing, sing praise songs about it and it will happen, because faith attracts healing. All that is happening to us, in us or around us is related to where we put our focus. Everything has its reason and it’s closely connected to how we think and what we speak. It’s crucial what we receive, how we receive and how we think. If we start thinking about Jesus and imitate Him in our actions, people will see Him in us.

Unfortunately, many times we would rather be friends with certain doctrines or theology that we think are beneficial for us, and we are satisfied with just few bits and pieces of the truth; instead of befriending the only best Friend who possesses the whole truth, because He is THE TRUTH! And He called Himself our Friend. And we keep on wondering why we cannot experience freedom from certain things we struggle with. Freedom is never within a theology or doctrine…freedom is within the TRUTH and that TRUTH is JESUS. Become His friend and everything will be changed, all that concerns you, will be His concern, and He WILL deal with it! I hardly ever hear the voice of the enemy-I don’t need to, whatever he says is a lie. We have no need of that. What we need is to hear the voice of Jesus, He always has the best thoughts and plans for us and He is for us, not against. Make Jesus your number one Friend, He knows all, He is well able and knows exactly what we need.

When we praise Him, He surrounds us with His glory and we experience the angelic world stirred. Jesus’ friends become our friends!

All that kept us from His fullness, was dealt then and there; the cross still has the power in our lives, the same power of which Paul speaks about: “I want to know Christ and the power of His resurrection…”(Philippians 3:10 ).

And that is why we experience healing and freedom today… not because Jesus does it today, right now (which would mean He hasn’t completed the work).This power doesn’t end ever, and never fades and because of it we can freely command whatever problem to flee. Yet, the level of manifestation of this power is directly connected to our humility before our Friend Jesus.

The majestic presence of Jesus makes the whole difference. His presence brings truth, grace and freedom.