The free gift of Righteousness

Righteousness: The right standing before God, free from every possible guilt, possessing His nature.

We are witnesses that many believers throughout the world are facing frustrations on daily basis, because they are trying to live their christian life through the Law. I boldly say that is not a victorious living, it is rather surviving trying to live up to some illusion of a perfect- pleasing to God-life. And all because of one unclear matter in their mind: Are we really righteous?

In Romans 4:25 it clearly states that Jesus rose from the dead for our justification. If we claim that we are still sinners then we are either really foolish or extremely arrogant, denying the finished work of Christ.
The 32nd chapter in the book of Isaiah gives one of the most powerful promises of God:”I am a God of justice and I will bring forth My righteousness that satisfies My justice…”

If I paraphrase this, basically God the Father says that He will do this through the righteousness of His Son Jesus Christ, and no one is able to reverse it! We have been proclaimed righteousness of God, not by our vain imaginations but by the Father Himself!

The religious spirits infiltrated even in the churches, will always speak of fulfilling some kind of a law, whispering we are not good enough or pleasing to God…that’s why Jesus is abundant with His grace toward us. He is patient.

Boldly I say this: we are not even in a new covenant! For the Church there is only one: the covenant between Jesus and His Father, a covenant that remains intact from all the works of the flesh.