The absolute truth vs lies

Jesus Christ came to deliver us from the lies in this world. We should never ever take for granted the fact that He died for us. This is not some kind of cliche that defines our faith, it is the truth that will help and enable us how to reach the others, because the Lord Jesus Christ always has different opinion about them. It is His grace that wraps them all around and He is looking at them through His extravagant grace.

God respects people more that we can ever imagine or think. He is a heavenly, perfect Father that made it possible to return to Him and enjoy the privilege to be His-that’s why we are a threat for the enemy even when we sleep! We belong to Him.

So many times Christians pray for God’s glory to be manifested in their lives, forgetting that in intimacy with the Father, through the Holy Spirit, trust is developed. This trust is always the most visible during pressures. Therefore it is a powerful force to protect us from disappointments because it is birthed and strengthened in the presence of the Father. And within that trust we are inspired by Him to act. These actions inevitably will cause attention. And that is the state of glory.