Victorious life

“Not that I have already obtained it [this goal of being Christlike] or have already been made perfect, but I actively press on so that I may take hold of that [perfection] for which Christ Jesus took hold of me and made me His own.”

Philippians 3:12

We, the believers are in constant fight with ourselves-we push and force ourselves that we must be more Christlike. But the reality is that basically we deal with self condemnation! And that is because we haven’t grasp yet the absolute truth written in the verse above. It was Christ, it is Christ and always will be Him taking us to deeper levels of His perfection. It’s not about our strife to be perfect. Listen! When we say to others that we are Christians, we say: “I am Christ and whatever spirit of depression or illness you are facing with, it must flee, it has to go.” Sadly, many believers aren’t ready to carry out this boldness and it’s all because of not knowing what the Lord Jesus Christ really poured out and laid for us. All we need to do is just accept it. Our deeds and actions don’t increase or decrease the righteousness of Christ imparted to us.
Are we really aware of the fact that our heavenly Daddy wishes us good night when we go to sleep and waits for us in the morning to wish us good day?! Let’s embrace this joy and begin to develop our authority or better said our passion to resist the evil and grow even more in the grace for the people around us. We have the Holy Spirit and indeed He is the greatest gift that we have received! Nothing else surpasses Him, and for us being joined with Him there are no limitations!