Most of the time if not always all of us want to rush things or desire the things in our heart to be manifested here and now.

I want to stir up that moment in us-to stop and calmly think of the words of God. We ought to pause and hear the beautiful and inviting voice of the Holy Spirit. He will never harm us, never ever lead us on dangerous paths or lead us to death. This is my conviction: the Holy Spirit Who is the Spirit of grace has nothing against us.

Many of us believe that the Son Jesus Christ loves us, they believe that God the Father loves us, but aren’t really convinced that the Holy Spirit loves us. They simply pass on the thought that He really, really loves us. Let me challenge you with one thought-the measure God the Father and God Jesus Christ love us with is the same measure that the Holy Spirit loves us with.

I personally think that His love is not understood by the Church. That is the reason why we think He has something against us.
On contrary, He lives in us for one purpose only: to love us and because of that love to comfort us, to encourage us and reinforce the likeness of Christ through us to its fullness.