To know Him personally

“This is eternal life: to know and experience You as the only true God and to know and experience Jesus as the Son Whom You sent.” John 17:3

It is a surprise that so many Christians worldwide would rather know something about the Holy Spirit through books, than to know Him personally. I get that, when we are at the stage of being spiritual babies and when we constantly cry out to be fed at all times. But as we move forward, progressing in our maturity, we ought to become closely connected with Him. Personally, I believe this is one of the reasons why the Holy Spirit is grieved-when we don’t seek Him for ourselves.

The latest years I’ve stopped reading books. I am aware I might sound over spiritual, but I read only the Bible. The reason for this is I don’t want to be constantly led by someone else’s revelation or copy others. I know the Holy Spirit created me to be unique, with a genuine desire and ability to know Him personally, so much so, that any other attempt to know Him through someone else, would be an insult to Him. I desire to know Him even more, in every situation, in every circumstance even in my lack of knowledge and understanding, I desire to learn to recognize His soft whisper inside of me.
I know the Bible teaches us to seek counsel from others or to listen to the advises, and I respect that, I am the first in line to promote that principle, yet, I will say this: In spite of that(having the rightful place in our lives), Holy Spirit, You teach me, You lead me, and teach me how to know You, to know what’s on Your heart, what are You intending to do, what is Your will and desire for me…
And this yearning inside of us should surpass everything else and be preeminent.
Only in that way we can taste and experience the eternal life here on earth.