Intimate fellowship with the Holy Spirit

“But the Strengthener Who stand alongside helping, the Holy Spirit, Whom the Father will send in My name, He will impart knowledge to you from the Word and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you.” John 14:26

To be able to listen the Holy Spirit, we must put ourselves in a position to listen-which actually means to be willing to listen. There’s a difference between hearing and listening. Listening requires action for what we have heard. And all this serves one purpose only:to be the channel for the Spirit’s speech. He always leads, instructs, directs…He always encourages! He never ever discourages. We have the tendency to think He does especially when we omit or do something we shouldn’t have, but the reality of the truth is that He never discourages.

Just think for a moment! When we face some sort of crisis or when we are in pain, the last thing we think or want to do is to listen discouraging words or thoughts. On contrary! It’s so natural for us to seek or give comfort and encouragement. How much more the Holy Spirit wants to do that! He speaks and encourages even through others, but He does that personally to our heart. He longs for genuine communication with us. He is not into our well learned and practiced phrases that we picked up from the pulpit or from conferences. No! Just one on one conversation, heart to heart-that is His way.

And in this intimate fellowship, He will teach us that He has hope. Because we live in a world where everything else has its own ending and that by default is the ultimate disappointment , He establishes us in the powerful truth that when Christ rose from the dead, He rose for our justification, so we can have hope. His life is our liberty and is the spring of living water in every heart that will receive Christ. Knowing this we are equipped by Him to have energy to invest in others, so we can present them holy and mature.

The greatest privilege given to us is speaking to others about this living hope that becomes glorious hope in us. Jesus Christ-the hope of glory in us. When we become strengthened in this, then we are enabled to snatch others from the hands of despair, so they can live and grow in hope.