Freedom in the Spirit

“The Lord is the Spirit…and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” 2 Corinthians 3:17

When the Holy Spirit came on this earth, He basically “invaded” it just for one purpose-to release people in freedom God intended for them. This should be our goal as well when it comes to others. We need to have in mind how to teach them to experience the freedom in God and enjoy in it.

Unfortunately, many times people run away from the place where the Holy Spirit intends to bring them. He desires to set them free from the circle of their inner turmoil and repeated state of despair and failure. He is an amazing Friend Who is worthy of our love and trust because He brought us to Jesus, He even gave us freely the gifts, the callings and the abilities. By residing in us, He gave freedom. When He came, He came with the absolute truth-we are righteous because of Christ’s righteousness. He is the source of the joy He releases in us. Peace that works wonders because it surpasses the limitations of our mind is His, and He wants us to continually dwell in it. If we accept that the righteousness of Christ is ours to have and be clothed with, then this peace sets us free!
Most of the people everywhere in the world, make so many different investments. Investing in their relationships with others, investing in their careers, in their their children…and all of it is good and beneficial only if it doesn’t overshadow the central, greatest investment that we can ever make while here on earth. And that is investing in our fellowship with the Holy Spirit! There’s no other higher thing that has the importance as the Holy Spirit and our friendship with Him.

We need to learn to make Him our central goal. Not first or premier, but central! Out of Him flows the living water that gives life to the things that were once dead. He will shake what is not necessary so hope can flood and reinforce the eternal things in us.