Focus on Jesus

“…(Jesus Christ Who was) betrayed and crucified because of our sins and was raised from the dead because of our justification(absolving us from all sin before God)” Romans 4:25

As Christians we are here to speak about Jesus Christ; if we don’t speak about Him, then we have tendencies to speak about something else and usually we complain. We complain about so many things-the way things are, the way things should be, what we don’t have, what we want to have…

So, let’s focus our thoughts on Jesus and speak about Him…the way He is as Lord, how great is He and how wonderful, awesome things He’s done for us…how majestic is He in all He does. It would be a tragedy if we as believers would focus on the earthly things and try to lift them up toward God. What we ought to do is focus on the heavenly things and bring them here as it stands in our divine mandate. Many boast with their love for God, thinking that being part of a tradition or being devoted to its practices, is what it takes to love God; but let me tell you, this “love” will never, ever surpass God’s love for us. He has loved us with perfect love that is unique and absolute. It stands forever, no matter what. And now, here comes the great part: this love has been poured out in our hearts when the Holy Spirit made His dwelling in us. I have heard so many believers praying:” Lord give me more love!” How can He give more of something He has already poured out completely!? Listen, when He gave His love, He didn’t give “fileo” or “eros”…He gave His “agape” love.

It’s perfect and the only thing what we can do is grow in the understanding of this love. And the only way we can do this Is TO KNOW we have been loved and justified once and for all.

Otherwise it will be so hard on us to show this love toward someone else. Unless we are assured in His justification for us, we will stumble in our lives always striving to show love. It’s not about praying religious prayer for more love…it’s about understanding that now we have the ability to live by this love with strength. If we fail to understand that God gave us Jesus’ righteousness, we will live a life of constant strife and struggle that something is wrong with us, that we won’t be able to finish the race or that God will take away His blessings and punish us. Then the condition will be: woe to us and woe to those who listen to us!

Yes, Jesus came to save us from the corruption of the sin-He did save us…but He did something far greater than that…He gave us His righteousness ! Nailed on the cross for our corrupted, sinful nature prone to wickedness; but risen to eternal life for our justification. Salvation is just the first opened door for the great things God has prepared for us.

On the cross, God the Father, condemned the sin, but also gave the verdict: “whosoever believes in My Son Who gave His life for the humanity, will not be judged anymore, but be considered as My righteousness and have everlasting life in Him.”
Whether we understand this or how much of it we comprehend, will determine what kind of life as Christian we’ll live. Life of condemnation upon ourselves and others for that matter; or life of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.