A new way of thinking

“We are assured and know that all things work together and are for the good to and for those who love God and are called according to His design and purpose.” Romans 8:28

Nothing on this earth is coincidental. Your birth, your presence here is not coincidental. You being a part of a church is not! And even your openness to hear the Word of God and His wisdom, is not coincidental.
Listen! Even what you have heard yesterday it is been carefully watched for and definitely not coincidental. Everything has its own contribution in the revolving of the things around us and in our lives.
Many times I hear people say:”oh, I accidentally I met so and so”…or:”This and this accidentally happened to me.” Let me tell you right away:there’s no such thing!
A person thinking that everything is coincidental is a fool and neither comprehends the times, seasons, nor themselves, nor God!
And in the light of this one verse from the Scriptures becomes central for our growth:”Do not be conformed with the ways, patterns and the superficial customs of your age and your world, but be transformed according to the One residing in you and Who has the fellowship with you; through the renewal of your mind-its new adopted attitude, so you may prove to yourselves what is the will of God, what is good, completely acceptable and perfect for you before Him.” (Romans 12:2)

And Jesus’ faith in us helps our mind to understand. We ought to put our faith in action, for it explains to our mind Who God is and how great and absolutely good is He!
So let’s be wise and keep on embracing the process of the renewal. It’s our great legacy and the only way to truly prosperous life.