Jesus Christ is invaluable

“See what an amazing quality of love the Father has given us, that we should be named and counted the children of God! And so we are!”
1 John 3:1

Jesus Christ is invaluable. And if we follow the default pattern, then we should know we are invaluable too. Because He lives within us through the Holy Spirit.
Regardless of how you view others or yourself for that matter, God says you are invaluable!
We desire to be highly valued by the society, but it will never truly quench our desire, because the world never gives those highest scores-it’s not able to maintain them or offer them.
Our focus should not be in how the world defines us, but how Christ values us.
Once I had a dream and in this dream I had a walk with a friend and we went to a shopping mall. Suddenly I got a desire to walk into a book store. My friend was surprised, but I told him I felt led by the Holy Spirit to do that.
When we went inside, I noticed there were so many books. I wanted to check out the Christian literature section. Among all the books there I found one that was written by a well known preacher(in real life:)) who went to be with the Lord few years back. And I thought to myself-how great they’ve translated his book. It was about faith.
Now, all the books in the store cost about 4$, but this particular one had totally unexpected price on its back cover. It was 3500$.
And I thought to myself-how can they put such price on a book? It’s way too expensive. Even went to argue with the sale’s staff about the price. But in that moment(still in the dream) I heard the Holy Spirit saying to me: “if the truths and the revelations of this man are worth 3500$ then how much more is My Word, that actually is invaluable. You can’t put a price on My Word”.
Since this dream, my estimation of God’s Word grew even higher and deeper. I nourish it in my heart. Because for me, no other book or earthly facts and realities can surpass it.