Jesus Christ is the Truth

“…Jesus answered:’You say that I am a king. For this purpose I have come into the world, to bear witness to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth, listens to My voice.'” John 18:37

Regardless of what people’s beliefs are, Jesus Christ is the Truth! Other religions and their leaders and their proclamations cannot compare with what Jesus said! Christianity was never a religion. It’s sheer faith given by Jesus Christ. All the other religious leaders were uttering words which professed what they perceived only from the distance; some bits and pieces of the truth, but none of them have said of themselves they are the truth. Only Jesus did that! And He said it not out of fear or with a desire to rule forcefully; but He said it in such authority, it released something so powerful that transcended all the ages, and that was the truth!

And when received, this truth has the power to set people free. This truth comes from the One inside of us, from knowing Him personally.

The truth is able to set us free only when we become one with it. Prior to this moment it’s only an information that cannot do much. Revelations cannot set us free either, they are just an aspect of the truth. The very process of building a true image in our mind of who God is, must be done upon the revelation that Jesus is the Truth.
I am well aware that everywhere around me there are different states of the human mind, but one thing should be established in our mind and our understanding:that we cannot please God without faith, we wouldn’t know how to! Life without faith is not life at all, it leads to nowhere. The faith pleasing to God is the same one that enables us to walk in the promises of our Lord.
All the books we’ve read won’t do the work-only faith will please God, because through it we accept we are saved by His grace and accordingly live by it!
So, whatever we do in life, let’s gain understanding of how the faith of Jesus in us works.He is the truth, and came with truth and grace.