Manifesting the Power of God

“For the Kingdom of God does not consist in talk but in power.”
1 Corinthians 4:20

So often, many Christians get stuck within the well known mindset:”God doesn’t speak to me; I cannot hear God..” People even write books about it! But we must know- concerning whether God speaks or not, this is never really an issue-He does speak!
But the main point is what the church will do with the spoken word of God, after He has spoken. We are called to hear God’s word, but Sunday sermons should not be our pinnacle. The Kingdom of God was never meant to be just a topic consisted of ideas and principles, but manifestation of the power of the Holy Spirit.

This power is in us and is adjustable according to the vessel. Only a vessel of honorable use is allowed to use this power and allowed to manage it, so the Kingdom can manifest itself through someone’s life. Therefore the only legitimate administrator of the power of the Kingdom is the church. Now, the church not can only speak the words of God, but it can manifest the reality of the life, the healing of these spoken words to all who hear.
Let us be doers of the word-this is what the Bible teaches us. But we need to understand one thing: unless we are rooted in Him knowing and understanding the revelation that without Him we can do nothing; we won’t be able to grasp the promises given to us. We won’t see them revealed. We ought to have this flow in our lives so new waves and stirs can happen, so they can cause the Kingdom to be displayed in power and grace. Otherwise we’ll remain at the same spot and things won’t change by themselves.

When God promised us He will do all things new, this implied that He won’t use the same methods or things from the past. We should renew our mind with this thought. We need to allow and put the old things aside so we can taste more and more of what God has for us. More of His glory, more of His power and character and Who He is.
Let’s be aware that we need to be careful not to build monuments from the past and expect the blessings now. We need to press on forward always! Let’s be thankful for the past blessings and expect the new ones.