Grace and Generosity

“For out of His fullness and abundance, we have all received, one grace after another…” John 1:16

The two truths that will always challenge the human mind are grace and generosity.

At first, both of them deal with the memories of the old nature. The memory of being a sinner and therefore apart from God. But we know now He found an eternal solution through the salvation of Jesus Christ. And the memory of being constantly bound to fear thinking God is against us. And again, we are now convinced that God forgave us completely, and gave us the new, divine nature that is clothed in Jesus’ righteousness.
Further on they work through the progressive renewal of the mind. And this very renewal, will highlight and introduce the generosity as part of our new life in Christ. Its main purpose is enabling us to see the unselfishness. God is never selfish! It’s not His nature. So, being renewed will include the process of becoming who we are suppose to become-just like our Creator, unselfish and so generous.

I want to point out something here:giving and generosity aren’t the same thing.
Giving is a learning process and the condition in one’s christian walk; generosity is the foundation on which this condition develops in its stages and is being fulfilled. It keeps the balance with our conduct and attitude towards the giving.
Giving actually is the progressive form of expressing the understanding what God has done for us and what He does now.

And faith plays a huge role in all of this. Faith prompts action and bestirring. But it’s up to us whether we engage our heart in this process. Out of this harmony comes the step-in moment, where we enter the promises of God. Faith is always, always visible in our life. It relates with the actions of being generous.
Nurturing the generosity as an expression of God changing our lives is connected to the ability of discerning the motives of our giving.
Generosity and faith go together, they complement each other, but giving is not always connected with faith, but rather with our motives and desires how we want to do things.
So, we need to adjust according the conditions of generosity and include our renewed mind which will be the tool to express the generosity.
Now, this is something that deserves our thought and pondering. Selah!