The power of love in us

“By the Holy Spirit Who dwells within us, guard the good deposit entrusted to you.” – 2 Timothy 1:14

All of us have witnessed when others around us were experiencing hardships and struggles. Yet one particular state of mind gives me uneasiness when I notice it in believer’s life, and that is the condition of insensibility.
When a believer becomes insensitive to what is all around him and especially when there’s no discernment for the things the Holy Spirit does actively; or when he forgets to smile, to rejoice or isn’t overwhelmed by the presence of God; then something isn’t totally right with that person. Once we’ve tasted the beauty of the presence of the Holy Spirit, we cannot remain the same! Everything inside of us is stirred. And in this process of tasting the goodness of God we learn how to discern fear.

Everything that we do thinking that we must do it, it’s done in fear. But if we do things because we want to do them, then it’s out of love. One thing out in the open now: we are not obliged to do anything, but we do things because we have something within us that changes us constantly. Love has the power to change us so we won’t stay the same. Love toward God, toward people and toward the church. The love of God and for Him is and should be our one and only motive in life.

Sometimes us Christians we hear only what we want to hear, or what we think it sounds contemporary.
But the truth we ought to herald to the world has been protected and preserved all the time by the Holy Spirit; so it won’t be tainted or misrepresented by us.
This is where the maturity plays a great role in our life. It will determine whether we’ll perceive what the Lord has in store for us. Someone might ask:”well, isn’t that possible through faith?”
Yes, and yet I will add that obedience and faith hand in hand shape our maturity. And this maturity will make a whole lot of difference in our life.