The truth will set you free

“You will know the truth and the truth will set you free…” – John 8:32

We have been called to live in a state of grace and truth. Why? Because that is how we express the likeness of Christ. When Jesus appeared the first thing the disciples witnessed wasn’t the power or some supernatural stir of the air, but they saw the grace and the truth in Him and these two aspects made Jesus glorious in His appearing. All of us desire to be like Christ, but that is not possible without grace and truth. Without understanding that grace helps us all the time, we won’t be able to function in life. Everything we’ve got in life is based upon God’s grace. The faith inside of us which Christ released, the strength, the gifts, the callings…everything in our lives is because of the unmerited favor of God upon us and always will be a gift-completely undeserved. Some Christians worldwide suffer because they realize some things don’t work; but they don’t understand grace and that’s why they struggle.

It is written that Jesus came full of grace and truth and gave grace upon grace. It doesn’t say truth upon truth. Why? Because we got grace as a gift, but the truth we come to understand, comes as an effect or byproduct from the fellowship with Jesus.
In other words the truth of God won’t become reality in our life unless we allow to be one with it and try to go deeper understanding it. The truth is the only thing that will keep bringing us back to the essence and will teach us how that what we know may enable us to live in freedom.
But one condition must be fulfilled. We must be emptied of ourselves in order to be one with the truth.
Therefore our fellowship with Christ is strengthened when we simply sit at His feet and soak in His words, for His words are the truth which sets us free.