Knowing Jesus

“…but possessing that[genuine righteousness]which comes through faith in Christ…that I may know Him[progressively become more deeply and intimately acquainted with Him recognizing the wonders of His person] and to experience the power overflowing from His resurrection working in me…” – Philippians 3:10

If we don’t think of Christ throughout our day, if we don’t sing to Him(even when no one is around to listen), if we don’t have our daily existence rooted in Him-conversing with Him and including Him in everything we face that day, then we don’t really know Him.
This raises the question of our maturity. Because we shouldn’t stop at our salvation moment.
Many believers measure the spiritual growth and maturity by their own imaginative standards-how many verses they know by heart, or how well they understand them, how many seminars and conferences they’ve attended…but the maturity the Lord desires to bring forth in us is not measured by those standards. The required maturity or as the Bible refers to it as perfection will be displayed in our daily life according to our personal knowledge of Jesus our Lord and our reactions. Not actions, but rather our reactions!
Our daily life is the mirror of how well we know Christ. Sometimes us believers we think that coming to church and listening to the preaching is the sign of maturity. No! The preaching ought to stir up the desire in us to know God so personally and more intimately. Every time we listen to the Word, it should make us want to go deeper and explore the faith in us so we can obtain levels like never before. And this is not so we can become smarter, richer, more successful, more accomplished etc…(although all these are relevant and part of the package deal of the salvation by God’s grace) but bringing us to a position or to the level of knowing Jesus so closely and so deeply, that we become people who boast not just with growing in the faith in His name, but people who are so rooted in their trust solely in Him, that others will perceive it as powerful display of God’s favor on us.