Engage With The Holy Spirit

“You, Oh, Lord discern my thoughts from afar…I praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made…” – Psalm 139:2, 14

This verse is one of the most quoted verses of the Bible and yet many times misinterpreted, because the main point has been omitted. We forget to see God’s uniqueness in creating each one of us. This uniqueness and creativity is displayed in our mindset as well. We were made differently, our persona and how each mind works.
And as part of that genuine creation of God is the free will in us, that bears the witness we were created in love. Now, this free will of ours, unless molded by God, can cause many troubles for us. Because it can make us either obedient to God or rebellious toward Him and His word. Although the Holy Spirit is the perfect Administrator here on earth, yet if our free will doesn’t engage His ways, we are doomed to be influenced by the patterns of this world. We’ll think, speak and act as the world does. This world accepts anything to be right or ok except following God!
And everything around us affects our mind if we aren’t careful. Friends, family, school, work place, media. The mind is constantly bombarded with new information and works even when we sleep. And it(the mind)being part of our soul which is eternal, needs to be renewed so the soul can be protected.
If the thoughts, the attitudes(that are created in our mind) are outside Christ, they can become potential force of damaging and destroying our lives. Like it or not, that is the reality!
Our thoughts shape our journey here on earth. This is why Paul wrote to seek what is above. The original text reads to incline our heart to heaven. We cannot set our mind on what is above if it’s out of step with the Holy Spirit. If we have an earthly focus on the current lies, religion, lust..or anything else outside the Kingdom, we cannot experience its power, because our mind will influence our daily living which will actually determine our growth and maturity.
Therefore, in all of our getting, let’s get understanding of the One living in us full of grace and truth, Who speaks the truth that surpasses any earthly reality.