Understanding Prayer

“…and now we have the mind of Christ…” – 1 Corinthians 2:16

Prayer is one of the most misunderstood concepts among God’s people. Many conferences, meetings, teachings, courses failed to bring us closer to the power intended for us to experience through the prayer itself.
And many believers even have given up on prayer because they have not received answers for what they prayed for. So the question that rises is whether we understand prayer or not. Because God cannot lie-if He said He answers prayer then He does!

Prayer and its answer must have the same source and inspiration. If God provides answers, then our prayer must be inspired by Him.
Many times prayers reach only to the ceiling because they don’t support the character of God expressed through the answer which He is willing to give.
So, we need to understand that most of the time our prayers are based on our selfishness that is also expressed in the prayer words. If we can observe ourselves from a different angle, we’ll realize that we pray just for ourselves…Lord give me strength, give me wisdom and open doors, bless my life and my comings and goings….and all of these words are passing through the filter of our mind which is focused only on the earthly reality. We fail to see what is in store for us in heaven and therefore the prayer is not inspired by what heaven says, but by what the world says or how it paints the picture.
When Isaiah 55:8 is quoted many people see this as a discouraging thought, because they think we can never reach God’s thoughts and ways no matter what we do or how mature we are. That is a lie! If we are willing to make our prayers unselfish and put others first, then we’ll be able to catch the frequency of Heaven and see God’s ways and thoughts for others. Believers individually or corporately so often quote the Lord’s prayer without understanding the depth of it. They fail to see that in the midst of that blueprint is us-we are the key factor for His Kingdom to come and His will be done. Unless we see and touch the frequency of heaven and aim for the thoughts of heaven, we won’t be able to fulfill this prayer.

So the first step is to start to think of other people in our daily life. And then the second step starts when the Holy Spirit intersects our thoughts for that person, and suddenly we think things that are not common to us…which basically means that the Holy Spirit gave us His thoughts for that particular person….
And step three is..now we begin to pray a prayer that is inspired by heaven, because the Holy Spirit brought to our mind things which are in heaven for that person….

This is how prayer crosses the lines of just being a sacred routine and becomes an experience in its fullness with colors, scents and rich emotions and feelings refined by the Holy Spirit.