God’s Wisdom

“Behold, God is mighty and does not despise any; He is mighty in strength of understanding and wisdom.” – Job 36:5

Many Christian believers are deceiving themselves thinking they know all there is to know after they got saved. But just because we are Christians that doesn’t mean we understand God’s glory or that we function in it.
Jesus Himself grew in wisdom, becoming strong and the favor of God was upon Him.
We love to talk. We love to talk to people, talk at people…talk, talk, because we think we know all. Yet Jesus left a different ‘legacy’ how to behave. He grew strong in wisdom. Wisdom is crucial pillar in our lives. Above all else, we need wisdom when making decisions.
And when it’s accompanied with obedience, wisdom leads to solutions. Of course I am talking about obedience to the leadership of the Holy Spirit. Jesus was obedient to Spirit’s leading at all times. Before doing anything, Jesus would position Himself to listen and receive from the Father.

Talking is not hard, listening is for there are so many voices around us. Our own voice, the voice from our soul is the loudest! So, the Holy Spirit’s focus is to teach us how to recognize His voice from our own and the voice of the enemy. This is what wisdom is all about. One who is not wise will not know how to make good decisions thus it will be hard for him to serve God.
It’s written that the wisdom is the beginning of our reverent worship we offer to God. It’s impossible for the Christian believer to live a prosperous, godly life without God’s wisdom. In the Old Testament people would get a portion of wisdom for a particular situation, but in the New Testament because of Christ in us, we possess the wisdom for He is the wisdom of God.
Therefore, through grace-understanding that God is on our side working on our behalf, speaking to us, encouraging us and leading us into His perfect purposes, we begin to reflect His nature and His character-the Holy Spirit’s work through us.