The Purpose Of Wisdom

“And those who seek me(wisdom of God) diligently, will find me. Riches and honor are with me.” -Proverbs 8:17-18

The purpose of wisdom is to point us to maturity. The original Greek text uses the word ‘perfection’ when it refers to maturity. One is perfect when he invests in his character and keeps on maturing. We are new creations as the result of Christ’s finished work-He intended this before the foundations of the world. Thus grace has been given to lead us in wisdom which can mature us.

In the Christian world one of the most frequently used word is the word ‘dynamis’ which is translated as ‘power’. This word is the root for the word ‘dynamite’ which actually means great and explosive force. This power comes from the Holy Spirit and He bestows it upon us and we recognize it as life energy. We need this energy because it enables us to be active and capable of living here on earth.
So many times we have heard others or ourselves for that matter, saying: “I don’t have enough energy” or “I need more energy” It will be unwise on our part as believers to think that the only source for our energy is the food we consume. Wisdom points out the best source of energy for us and our bodies and that’s the power of the Holy Spirit.
Understanding grace will take us on the journey to wisdom, wisdom will bring maturity, maturity will lead to stability, stability will shape our virtue, virtue will produce deeds, and deeds will teach us diligence. This is the process of one committed believer. If we desire abundant and fulfilled life then wisdom is the key. Grace and wisdom work together and bring maturity. They establish us in Him so when something happens we aren’t moved.
The word ‘strength’ in the original Greek text actually denotes stability and establishment. The pinnacle of our growth is becoming stable, constant and immovable. God desires to be like Him. It shouldn’t be anymore about the sureness of someone’s salvation, but rather if he is going to remain stable in his growth within the salvation.

Let’s not be consumed by the short-termed expression of our enthusiasm but let’s focus on maintaining the stability in our growth.